Collective Renditions: Chigozie Obi

Supported by Access Bank, African Artists Foundation (AAF) have come with an exciting exhibition with emerging artists including Akintomide Aluko, Edosa Oguigo, Ejoh Wallace, Joseph Fidelis, and Chigozie Obi. AAF is a non-profit organisation that help catapult and support the development of contemporary African art(ists). I've followed Obi's work, via instagram, for a while and I am saddened … Continue reading Collective Renditions: Chigozie Obi

Bald Black Girls: I Am Not My Hair

Thursday the 11th of April saw the private viewing of Ruth Sutoyé's first solo exhibition titled Bald Black Girls. Curated by Sutoyé and Aliyah Hasinah, Bald Black Girls explores Black women's relationship with hair, the construction of femininity and masculinity in relation to hair, as well as sexuality that is imposed on their being as … Continue reading Bald Black Girls: I Am Not My Hair


Paving The Way: Classic Nigerian Artists

Nigerian art, or rather contemporary African art, is bustling in the industry presently; investments are being made, works are now being sold for millions of dollars, and more artists of African/Nigerian descent are being thrusted into the spotlight. There is a proliferation of fairs that is centred around African art - not the one's within … Continue reading Paving The Way: Classic Nigerian Artists