Mimi Cherono Ng’ok: Everyone is Lonely in Kigali

So I’m back with another pretty cool exhibition and it’s showing at Tiwani Contemporary gallery. If you were unable to see their last exhibition (Phoebe Boswell’s For Every Real Word Spoken), you can check out my post on it here. I roped my beautiful friend, Tope, into attending the private exhibition with me and my partner and it was glorious to be with two people I love, doing something that I love. Upon entrance into the gallery, it felt like all eyes were on us but that was possibly due to the fact that 1. I like to overdress to these things and 2. Tope was looking rather tantalising, so can I blame them?


Mimi Cherono Ng’ok, born in Nairobi, Kenya, is a photographer whose work you may have seen trending around social media, namely Instagram. Despite the title of the exhibition, the pictures taken were not from one location as they varied from Berlin to Dakar. As I approached Mimi and discussed her works and why she gave it the title, touching on loneliness, she responded by throwing the question back at me and I spoke on how loneliness is universal despite having seas separating us or experiences differing us. Therefore, regardless of location, status or any other distinguishable factor, loneliness will still manage to creep in and sit within us for a moment.

Ng’ok revisits what is described as her “obsessions”: trees, tropics and horses, and gives us stunning images. My particular favourite work was of the palm tree on the left, however, I believe the horse is one of the popular pieces that has been making rounds on social media.

Some of her other images were ephemeral meditations on place and time. The male figure evokes feelings of love, lust and longing which then raises questions on who he may be to the artist, whether current lover, ex lover, friend or whatever else springs to mind.

Everyone Is Lonely in Kigali will be showing at Tiwani Contemporary till the 17th of June 2017. There are some beautiful pieces that i, regrettably, didn’t capture so i encourage you to go and see her stunning visuals.


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