June: Artist Of The Month – Lakin Ogunbanwo

A few weeks ago, I got this idea to highlight artists monthly that may not have already graced my blog and so, here we are. Artist Of The Month will be abbreviated to AOTM for the headlines of each post. I decided to do this as an incentive to post more regularly and a reason to research more about different artists. I hope you all find this new project useful and it introduces you to artists that you may not have come to know otherwise. Without much faffing around, let’s jump right in.

This month’s AOTM is Lakin Ogunbanwo. Born in 1987 in Nigeria, Ogunbanwo is a photographer residing in the ‘Giant of Africa’. He started as a self-taught photographer before embarking off to Paris to perfect his craft professionally. I came to know his work at the 2017 1:54 Contemporary African Art Fair where his stunning visual images hung in one of the rooms at the Somerset House – I’ve been fascinated with his work ever since. He captures black skin so beautifully; having them in vulnerable positions, an embrace, bare skin, or adorned with cultural outfits.


Lakin Ogunbanwo @ 1:54 – Picture taken by me.

He is popularly known for the images such as the left and this particular image was one i encountered at the art fair. He has photographed many known faces such as Asa and Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie; I’m sure his CV boasts of more names.

Below are a few images which were taken from Ogunbanwo’s Instagram.




Keep Ogunbanwo’s name in mind when next you’re seeking out photographers and be sure to check out his social media and website – http://www.lakinogunbanwo.com/

Make sure to follow my blog to get email notifications for my posts so that you don’t miss out on my ramblings. Also, check out my Instagram and my Twitter. See you next month – F3mininja.

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