Black Girl Meetup: Phoebe Boswell

Starting out as an initiative for me to meet more black women interested in the arts, Black Girl Meetup (henceforth BGM) is slowly growing into a communal gathering. On the 10th of January, we had our official 2nd organised meetup to see the wondrous work of Phoebe Boswell’s The Space Between Things at Autograph ABP and it couldn’t have been a better choice. I wrote about Boswell’s latest work after attending the open evening which you can read up here and in order to keep with the running theme of seeing Black Women artists – BGM went to see Njideka Akunyili Crosby’s work in November, click here for more – it was fitting that the next meetup would view her work. Boswell’s oeuvre is mesmerising and I felt that this exhibition would be incredible for other black women to see. After being in contact with Autograph, BGM was fortunate in getting a brilliant curator walk-through who was also a fellow black woman, which truly brought the event together.

Left to Right: Eliza, Davina, and I. Photo credit: Immaculata Abba (2019)
Attendees listening to the recording of Boswell’s eye surgery. Photo credit: Immaculata Abba (2019)

Although I had been to the exhibition before, I learned so much with BGM thanks to the curator walk-through. Boswell reminds us to be still; she reminds us of our bodies fragility and it’s ability to go against our desires unexpectedly. She shares her healing process after undergoing surgery to save the sight in her eye and the tear in her heart. After dispersing to take our time to soak in the work, we came back together in a studio space provided by Autograph to share our thoughts. Those who were in attendance were left feeling moved, inspired, and grateful. For most, this was an introduction to Phoebe Boswell and I am happy to know that I and Autograph had a part to play in bringing the shining light that is Boswell to them.

Discussion of Boswell’s exhibition. Photo credit: Immaculata Abba (2019)
Discussion of Boswell’s exhibition. Photo credit: Immaculata Abba (2019)
Attendees in conversation. Photo credit: Immaculata Abba (2019)
My serious face and my friend clearly stunned by the captivating work. Photo credit: Immaculata Abba (2019)

Thank you Autograph for welcoming us all with such warmth; thank you to Leanne for your brilliant walk-through; thank you to Renée Mussai, the curator of this exhibition, for your spectacular vision, and lastly but certainly not least; thank you to Phoebe Boswell for gifting us with such a vulnerable piece of work and being so bare. Next month, BGM will be having another gathering which registration shall be made available via Eventbrite tomorrow. To register interest and be up to date for forthcoming events with BGM, be sure to follow us on Twitter (@BlackGirlMeet), follow the blog and my other social media handles (@F3mininja)

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