End of 2019: 6 Top Exhibitions

To end 2019, I would like to reflect on some of my favourite pieces of artworks and exhibitions I’ve attended or seen this year. We are entering a new decade and I can only hope for more exciting and fresh projects on the horizon. Some of the exhibitions visited were with the Black Girl Meet project that I started last year. If you are interested in attending, keep reading to find out when the next meeting will be!

  1. In celebration of a new age, Abalde Glover and October Gallery came together to showcase some exciting new (and old) works back in July. It was my first time getting to see his pieces face-to-face though I had known of his work prior. I wrote a brief post on it which you can go on and check out here!

2. Frank Bowling. A tremendous retrospective on his long life painting, and working.

3. Liz Johnson Artur. I was introduced to Artur’s photography thanks to the South London Gallery. The exhibition ‘If you know the beginning, the end is no trouble’ was about documenting the many faces of London, with sculptural pieces there to prop up to pictures. A completely new and immersive exhibition for me! For more on her, read here!

4. Group exhibition at October Gallery, Life Through Extraordinary Mirrors, showcased new and established artist from the likes of Zak Ové to Cyrus Kabiru. Yet another brilliant exhibition held at the OG.

5. Next is the immense exhibition that took place at the Somerset House: Get up, Stand Up, Now! Curated by Zak Ové, this exhibition saw the celebration of numerous Black (British) artists, established and upcoming. A cherished experience.

6. Last but not least, my favourite exhibition this year! Some Are Born To Endless Night – Dark Matter by Lina Iris Viktor showing at Autograph ABP. The last Black Girl Meet took place which is absolutely appropriate as the first official meeting happened at the same gallery in December 2018 (click here for our blog on it!). I have been in awe of Viktor’s work from afar for a long while, and so the opportunity to see her pieces up close was one not to be missed. A cherished experience with the wonderful women who attended.

The next Black Girl Meet gathering will be on the 4th of January and we will be heading off to Somerset House to see Mary Sibande’s exhibition! If interested, please click here for registration. Bring a friend (or 3) as long as they are black women, non-binary or trans.

Hope to see you there!

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