About me

I chose F3mininja because Femininja was taken and it just stuck. F3mininja is just me marrying two words: Feminist and Ninja. Why? I think that’s pretty self-explanatory. If you’re after my government name, why? What’s it to you, huh? I’m kidding, it’s Chinyere. I was encouraged to start a blog by my work colleague because she saw how passionately i felt about art and black artists. I stewed on the idea and had further encouragement from my partner, and so F3mininja was born. Often when people find out that I go to galleries religiously, they are unable to hide their surprise. The Arts, often seen as a white cultural event, being enjoyed by a black woman is a reason to be perplexed i guess (no it isnt!). But here i am, a Nigerian born 5″3 woman, talking about the arts, feminism and celebrating blackness.