About me

Hi there,

Thank you for checking out this little space I’ve created! I go by F3mininja simply because Femininja was taken and it stuck – I really like it now. I also go by Chinyere/Chichi and I’m a 5″3 Nigerian born woman who enjoys talking about the arts, feminism and celebrating blackness. After encouragement from loved ones who saw my passion for art, I decided to create this blog where I seek to bridge young black and ethnic minorities to the art world, as this space is often viewed as a white cultural event and I want others to see the diversity – no matter how small – in the industry. There is still a long way to go, but I am dedicated to highlighting phenomenal artists that are Black/POC. I mostly frequent Contemporary African Art galleries, and occasionally have posts about theatre events (written by my partner) and feminism – there are very few. Thank you, again, for visiting and reading.

Left: Me at October Gallery’s Private Viewing of El Anatsui’s Benchmarks exhibition (2017).
Right: Me at Tiwani Contemporary for Phoebe Boswell’s ‘For Every Real Word Spoken’ exhibition (2017).