Barbershop Chronicles – Short Review

Written by Chukwuemeke Ogbue There was a commotion in the heart of the arena as I took my seat, it could only be described as chaos. As I got over my initial, momentary shock I realized this was a  crafty, well-choreographed, orderly chaos, reminiscent of the main street in any of the cities we would soon journey through. Without … Continue reading Barbershop Chronicles – Short Review

#MustSeeLondon – Current Exhibitions 2019

There are some seriously exciting exhibitions happening in London currently! Many first showings in the UK from established Black artists. This post is merely a pointer towards a few I think you should check out. Frank Bowling - Tate Britain British Guyanese artist, Frank Bowling, explores and experiments immensely with what paint is able to produce. … Continue reading #MustSeeLondon – Current Exhibitions 2019