Exhibitions and Art Fairs 2018

September has been busy and with October looming, there are ridiculous amounts of art related events going on. This post is just to give you information on some of what's happening here in London from exhibitions to art fairs for your benefit. There are current and forthcoming exhibitions and some fairs I definitely will be in attendance.   … Continue reading Exhibitions and Art Fairs 2018


July: Artist Of The Month – Ibe Ananaba

Welcome! This months artist is a stupendous artist that I've been following for a little while now: Ibeabuchi Ananaba. Ananaba, born (1976) in Belgium, was raised in Aba, Abia state (located in Nigeria). Holding a degree in Fine and Applied Arts, Ananaba's pieces tend to centre around the societal and political issues that Nigeria faces. He … Continue reading July: Artist Of The Month – Ibe Ananaba

INTERSECTION: Choto, Kruger & Matloga.

What is it called when you get to see 3 young talented artists exhibit their work in one space? Magic?; Inspirational?; [Redacted Expletive] Amazing!? Tyburn Gallery has brought out a group exhibition called INTERSECTION that includes young emerging artists with different mediums: Gabriel Choto, Gabrielle Kruger and Neo Matloga. I attended the private viewing on Thursday 12th … Continue reading INTERSECTION: Choto, Kruger & Matloga.