3 Artists Pushing Boundaries

Another overdue edition of artists you should know but just with a different title. These are individuals whose works celebrate blackness, speak loudly the things often whispered and make the invisible visible. A short and brief post, I do hope you manage to explore the artworks of these artists for yourselves be it via google … Continue reading 3 Artists Pushing Boundaries


July: Artist Of The Month – Ibe Ananaba

Welcome! This months artist is a stupendous artist that I've been following for a little while now: Ibeabuchi Ananaba. Ananaba, born (1976) in Belgium, was raised in Aba, Abia state (located in Nigeria). Holding a degree in Fine and Applied Arts, Ananaba's pieces tend to centre around the societal and political issues that Nigeria faces. He … Continue reading July: Artist Of The Month – Ibe Ananaba