Barbershop Chronicles – Short Review

Written by Chukwuemeke Ogbue There was a commotion in the heart of the arena as I took my seat, it could only be described as chaos. As I got over my initial, momentary shock I realized this was a  crafty, well-choreographed, orderly chaos, reminiscent of the main street in any of the cities we would soon journey through. Without … Continue reading Barbershop Chronicles – Short Review

Baring Oneself: Nudity, History and Health – Phoebe Boswell

It's over a year since I luckily met Phoebe Boswell at her solo show with Tiwani Contemporary. For Every Real Word Spoken was my introduction to her brilliance and it was a beautifully interactive body of work that celebrated womanhood in all it's naked glory. This is a theme that Boswell continues with in her latest exhibition … Continue reading Baring Oneself: Nudity, History and Health – Phoebe Boswell

Bush Theatre’s ‘Leave Taking’: Review.

Maybe it was reading a raft of articles discussing the ongoing dehumanising of the children of British colonialism and imperialism via government policy over decades culminating in the Windrush Scandal. Maybe it was listening to various podcasts discussing inter-generational trauma and the inheritance of a collective shame. Maybe it was seeing years of a lived … Continue reading Bush Theatre’s ‘Leave Taking’: Review.